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AegeanTec is all about deep wreck diving and unique technical diving experiences in the Aegean Sea and beyond. The team offers unique and exciting exploration opportunities not only to experienced technical divers looking for pristine dive sites but also to new tekkies looking to improve their diving skills and advance to the next level. We also work closely with our affiliates and support bespoke trips for our tekkies to some of the best deep wreck diving locations in the world including expeditions to the hidden gems of history.

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At AegeanTec we provide technical diver training at the highest possible standards by exceeding the basic training requirements on the courses we teach. We are committed to offering you quality diving training for any course you choose to take from Tec Basics up to Tec Trimix. Our focus is not only conveying skills but getting your mind and body trained for safe and optimal results. We accept the challenge because deep diving is our life style choice.



Marinos Giourgas is an active PADI, TDI and IANTD technical and rebreather diving instructor based in the southern coast of Athens, Greece, and a brand ambassador for Otter Drysuits. He started his diving career in the early 90s and since then his enthusiasm to connect with nature and his passion for adventure and WW1 & 2 wrecks made it possible for him to participate in several expeditions in the Greek Seas to discover and explore the underwater relics of the past.

The island of Malta, where he got his Tec training and worked as a Tec instructor, became his second home. He travelled in various parts of the world for his diving passion (Indonesia, Hawaii, Micronesia, Thailand, Egypt,Cyprus et al.) and worked in a number of dive centers in Greece where he appreciated the beauty and the historic value of the wrecks lying on the Aegean seabed.

He is the founder of Aegeantec, a team of passionate divers offering Technical, Trimix and CCR diver training with the scope of visiting deep wrecks with safety. Marinos manages the technical diving section of one of the biggest dive centers in the area, providing training and guiding tekkies to unspoilt dive sites that only few – if any – will ever see. His base is on the coastal area of Athens and provides high standard gear for deep diving, a gas blending station offering air, nitrox and trimix gas fills and is close to a variety of shipwrecks and spectacular reefs.


Discover the bubble free world of diving with us and the JJ CCR rebreather that has been called ”the 4 x 4 of the rebreather community”. This is the perfect description as the unit is built for all types of terrain and can be adapted to handle the most demanding adventures. Its philosophy is to keep it simple with robust construction and minimalistic work detail thus making it easy to handle before, during and after the dive.

Start by a Try Dive and slowly build on your training and gain the experience to advance all the way to the Tec 100 CCR level. At Aegeantec we follow the recent progress and development in Rebreather diving not only by participating in various forums and meetings on CCR diving but also by diving regularly with the pioneers of this niche market to be up to date and convey our knowledge and experience to our divers.

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TDI instructor courses indonesia


The Aegeantec team provides high quality travel services to several Tec Diving destinations both in Greece and abroad. We are teaming up with a series of renowned Tec diving centers so that the high standards of safety, professionalism and logistics support required for your Tec diving needs are guaranteed. Our deep wreck diving expeditions offer exciting exploration opportunities to seasoned technical divers ready to explore new pristine dive sites that only few divers -if any- will ever see.



Our operation in Greece is based in Athens Divers Club where Marinos has set up and manages the technical diving division of the center. It is strategically located close to the Athens International Airport (25 min drive) and in an area where there is a big choice of accommodation. A dedicated rib for technical divers takes the divers to the various dive sites where the deep wrecks off the coast of Athens and in the Kea channel are located. The facility offers an area for setting up the rebreathers and a filling station for Nitrox, Oxygen and Trimix.

For our diving expeditions and trips in various places in Greece we work with UFR Team. Vasilis Mentogiannis is the founder of UFR and has been our associate and dive partner for more than 20 years in which we worked together in various projects (Leros, Kea, Saronikos bay, Sifnos His expertise and resourcefulness support our divers when we organize expeditions in remote places in Greece.

In Malta we team up with Techwise Malta where Marinos has worked as a technical instructor. Alan and Viv Whitehead have been supporting our diving operation for years and keep our technical divers with a smile on their face when we visit this little island in the Mediterranean where the seabed is the resting place of many WW2 and artificial wrecks.

We affiliate with Will Goodman in Indonesia and his base Blue Marlin Dive Tech on Gili Trawangan to offer unique diving experiences with this pioneer in deep rebreather diving. The little island of Gili Trawangan, where his base is situated, is known for its quality restaurants, beaches, resorts and of course fascinating diving sites rich in marine life and breathtaking drop offs next to the place where Will successfully descended to a recorded depth of 290m using an unmodified JJ-CCR.

Our recent association with Pete Mesley is as unique as the name Lust4Rust implies. We teamed up to offer wreck diving trips to remote locations in the Pacific Ocean with Pete who has the level of knowledge and experience to cover all the logistics, transfers, accommodation, diving and medical support required in these secluded and unique places.

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