Unique technical diving experiences in the Aegean Sea and beyond

At AegeanTec we provide technical diver training at the highest possible standards by exceeding the basic training requirements on the courses we teach. We are committed to offering you quality diving training for any DSAT course you choose to take from Tec 40 up to Tec Trimix. Our main focus is not only conveying skills but getting your mind and body trained for safe and optimal results. We accept the challenge because deep diving is our life style choice.

We also aim to provide high quality travel services to a number of Tec Diving destinations both in Greece and abroad. We are teaming up with a series of renowned Tec diving centers so that the high standards of safety, professionalism and logistics support required for your Tec diving needs are guaranteed.

Our main location on the coastal area of Athens provides high standard gear for deep diving, a gas blending station offering air, nitrox and trimix gas fills and is close to a variety of shipwrecks and spectacular reefs. It offers exciting exploration opportunities to both beginners looking for their first deep diving experience as well as to seasoned technical divers ready to explore new pristine dive sites that only few divers –if any- will ever see.

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